Saturday, July 30, 2011

And now I'm terrified.

This morning I went to registration for the boot camp class at TransforMe Fitness. I was doing okay waiting around in line. There were several others who are my size or larger, so that was comforting. I don't think I could handle being The Fat Chick in an exercise class. Of course, I have no idea if any of those people are in my particular class or not, lol.
There was a dance/fitness class going on the entire time I was there. It was hip-hop and dance club type music, and the woman running the class was fierce. Not an ounce of fat anywhere on her, and more muscles than you see on most male gym rats. Most of the girls in the class (really, they were mostly 16-17 year olds), were about as big as a stripper pole, all tanned and working out on tiny shorts and tiny sports bras. Very demoralizing, lol.
Anyway, I was doing pretty good until I got measured. Now, I know I'm not thin. I measured myself about six months ago, so I had a rough idea going in. But I had NO IDEA I had let myself slide so much. I was in tears when I left. My husband spent most of our lunch out with the boys trying to calm me down, assure me that I'm wonderful and beautiful, and telling me how we can modify our diet to be healthier. Sometimes he's worth his weight in gold. Hell, sometimes he's worth my weight in gold, lol!
On my way out, I heard one of the trainers answer a woman's questions by saying, "The first week is the hardest. You may feel short of breath, or a little lightheaded, and probably nauseated. Just slow down a bit, and know that it gets better. You're gonna be sore. Don't let that stop you." Oh, yeah, now I feel great about my decision to buy this Groupon!
Of course, I've been through actual boot camp. That was nearly ten years ago. I was younger, reasonably fit, and had not given birth twice. Even though a fitness boot camp is nothing compared to Army boot camp, I think this time around is going to be harder for me.
In the interest of accountability, I'm posting my measurements here. Then I'm gonna drink a glass bottle of wine, and try to forget the fact that my thighs are as big as some women's waists. And that I'm dangerously close to being half fat, according to my body fat %. Le sigh.
  • Right Arm (lower delt): 14"
  • Left Arm (lower delt): 14"
  • Chest (across breasts): 43.5"
  • Waist (narrowest part): 36.75"
  • Low Abdomen (top belly button): 40"
  • Hips (widest part across buttocks): 46.5"
  • Right Thigh (upper): 26"
  • Left Thigh (upper): 26"
  • Body Fat (Back Rt. Arm): 32%
  • Body Fat (Abdomen): 55%
  • Body Fat (Top Rt. Thigh): 32%
  • Calculated Total Body Fat: 39.3%
  • Weight: 175.6
There, now you can all partake in my shame and embarrassment. Anyone who mentions these measurements to me in real life will be beaten with a stick. We will not talk about this again. Well, not until we retake measurements at the end of the six weeks. Assuming I don't die in the class.