Friday, June 10, 2011

A Blanket and a Tank Top

That's what I'm working on. At least, that's the two WIPs I'm claiming at the moment. We don't need to talk about all those others... And - bonus! - I found my camera, so I have pics.
The tank top is the Sampler Stitch Tank from the Summer 2010 issue of Love of Knitting. This is the bottom band of the back. I briefly considered changing the pattern to work in the round, but I figured the cotton could use some seams to keep things looking pretty.
 This is the first stitch pattern, some tiny cables on a reverse stockinette background.
 The second stitch pattern is stockinette with stripes made from k1,p1 rows.
 I picked up a Leisure Arts pamphlet from a garage sale called 60 Easy-To-Knit Pattern Stitches to Create Sampler Afghans. One of my favorite yarns is Spud & Chloe Sweater. It's a wonderful cotton/superwash wool blend, and my LYS, Park Avenue Yarns, has a great selection. This is my favorite color, Popsicle.
 This first square is a pattern called Eyelet Butterflies. The square hasn't been blocked yet, so excuse the wrinkled appearance.
I'm also working on some squares for KASCare. My LYS is working to get two blankets worth (70 squares) by the end of summer. And then there's my banana silk shrug. Hopefull I'll get those finished up and get some pics soon.


  1. Thanks, Kristen! I don't know if I told you, but your Summer FLies shawl was looking great last night. You'll be finished in no time!