Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Interweave Crochet Summer 2011

I've been on a knitting kick lately. I've been unable to jumpstart my crochet mojo. Until Monday, when I got
in the mail. This is everything summer crochet should be. Light, airy, fun, and, most of all, wearable. I'm always thrilled when I see a crocheted summer top that doesn't require wearing an undershirt of some sort; I'm too hot-natured for that sort of thing.
The issue focuses on thread work, and has some wonderful articles about doilies and Ukrainian thread work by Dora Ohrenstein. Best of all, I don't think a single garment in the magazine was made with yarn heavier than sport or dk weight. This is an important consideration, especially when thinking about crocheted summer garments. A lighter yarn allows a solid fabric that won't give you heat stroke in a Texas summer.
Of course, as much as I like a lot of the projects, realistically I won't get to make them all. There are three, though, that I hope I have the time to make before I get sidetracked by some other shiny new thing. That may mean I have to stop pattern searching on Ravelry...

The first one, and the one I'm definitely making, is the Zipline Shell, designed by Linda Permann.
I'm sure Cotton Classic Lite from Tahki Yarns is wonderful, but I'll be making this in Cascade's Ultra Pima. Everyone who was at Sit 'n Stitch at Park Avenue Yarns yesterday got to take part in helping me decide what color to choose. My first step was to pick out colors that I like for summer, that also work with my skin tone. That left me three or four choices. At first I threw out the two darker colors. You see, this top has vertical rows of eyelets running the length of the top. With a light color, those eyelets don't stand out as much, and the top could comfortably be worn without a tank or cami underneath. I'm a very light-complected woman, so those eyelets will really stand out in a darker color. I'll have to wear something underneath. That decision left me with two colors: a pale green and a pale pink. I walked around the yarn shop with these two hanks on my shoulders, gathering opinions from everyone. Green was the consensus.
I went back to the shelf to get more, but the bright blue that I had previously dismissed kept calling to me. After deciding that I could live with wearing an under layer if necessary, another trot around the yarn shop was necessary. Blue it is!
I'll be picking up the yarn in the next week or so.

Next up is the Grove Park Tank by Robyn Chachula:
At first I was not attracted to this design. I really like the lines of it, but not that contrast yoke. However, if I were to make the yoke in, say, the darkest purple of the variegated body, then it becomes something I would definitely wear. I might modify it slightly to be a more natural v-neck, rather than the tall slit yoke. I'm not sure how flattering the neckline as-is will be to "the girls." I have no idea what yarn I will use. The designer used Manos del Uruguay Serena. I'll first try to find something from my LYS, of course.

Third on my I-really-want-that list is the Pinecone Top by Anastasia Cruz:
This one may come before the Grove Park Tank. It's made of Aunt Lydia's Size 10 Bamboo Crochet Thread. I enjoy thread crochet, but I've never used the bamboo thread, so I'm definitely looking forward to this. Color will either be pale green or pink. I'd prefer the blue, but since the Zipline Shell will be blue, I'll go for a different color. Of course, another option would be the brown, which could be nice. Hmmm, I'll have to think on that...

There are several other patterns I really like in the magazine, and I definitely recommend picking up this issue if you don't have a subscription.

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